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Chapter 5 - When Love Surprises You

Posted on June 1, 2011 at 3:41 PM Comments comments (0)

It took me almost THREE months to write this chapter!


Not because I was having trouble in writing this chapter but only because I was away for a five-week vacation to my lovely country. But because there was no server there and with such busy schedule, I was unable to take wattpad with me!


Anyways, long story short. I was so busy I wasn't able to write the chapter! >.<


To make up for it, I added a few twists XDD



The first opening was about a recap of the whole series. What happened up until the last chapter and then wrote about the recap of the previous chapter to remind the readers what they have been missing since I haven't uploaded in a looooong time!



I like to refresh my readers' memory so that they can remember what happened.



As always, Julia is very talkative. Our couple, Stephen and Leah ended up debating on what to do with them. They debate and debate on whether if they should ditch them or not. Paying for their own personal tour is very expensive but going with the new couple, Daltons, is like a suicide! LOL!



There's this saying that I got from facebook that exactly describe the situation: "Light travels fast than sound. Thats why some people appear bright until you hear them speak..."


Just like Julia Dalton XDD


They had a double date and when toured around the place. When They were done, they ended up hanging out in the beach in a slightly crowded place where there are families, group of friends, babes, hotties and children.


All day long, Julia's attitude towards Leah pisses Leah off because her behaviour was so rude but not towards Stephen. Julia.. Towards her husband, she's ignorant. She doesn't even acknowledge his existence and it was getting him.


He was so upset but he can't blame her because he was neglecting her in the past because of work.


He's a pretty geeky guy with no self-esteem. He thinks his wife is "way outta his league" but he married her and she married him right? How did his self-confidence shot straight back down after he married her?! So weird!


But gave me a goooood reason to start troubles for Leah and Stephen XDD Mwuhahahahaha >:D


Anyways, you can't imagine him as any one famouse but you can think of him as Colin Morgan.

YYeeeeepp!! That's Rhys Dalton. He will be even more geeky if you imagine him wearing his geeky glasses and a slightler longer hair.

You noticed that there's a part when suddenly looked like this hot stranger when he came back from the men's room. There was this pretty lady of twin sister of Nicole Scherzinger who asked him out but he turned her down without hesitation xD

Amazing guy XD

Okay, Julia Dalton, The new love-to-hate-her character is back on the market! I wonder what she looks like. Well..

She probably looks like this woman

Pretty, isn't she? :D

Anyways, I left one of the GREATEST clinghanger I have ever write in my stories. It left my readers angery and confused but there's a good reason why the ending makes Stephen sound like he's cheating on Leah with Julia XD

C'mon! Third book and our main couple's already breaking apart? HA! Like that's gonna happen! XDD


Interviewed by DayDreamingNinja

Posted on June 1, 2011 at 9:12 AM Comments comments (1)

Interviewing with Reila_pollie by DayDreamingNinja


When did you start writing?


19 November 2009

What do you find the hardest in writing?

Writer's block. When I'm stuck. That's when I go crazy!

How did you come across Wattpad?

A certain book from my school library two years ago. I finished reading book 1 and wanted to read book 2 so I went to search for it. That's when i found wattpad! Unfortunately, I was unable to continue reading book 2!

Do any of your stories have incidents based on you personal experiences?

Nope. Just purely fiction. It could happen anyone though! Some parts can be real in life though it doesn't happen to me! There are moments in the story where it happened to some of us or wishing it happened to all of us :') . Since the genre is romance, I always find it interesting how two people in a relationship were able to overcome many obstacles that comes in their way. I try to make my stories likable but my writing needs to be improve as I have only learnt how to speak and write in english for only six years!

Would see writing as a pastime or as something you would do as a career?

Well, writing is more of a hobby of mine. Just like how I love listening to music. I wish I could do it as a career but I feel that my writing isn't enough to satisfy people once it is published, like it won't sell well so.. like I said, I still need to improve! So that I can write like a real writer..

Which of your characters is your favourite?

My favourite is definitely Leah Valley and Stephen Tylline in It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey. I don't want to show favourism so I would say, all of the characters in my stories! They are great characters. If they were real people, I would say to them that they did a good job playing their role!

Do you ever get negative feedback? How do you deal with them?

I did get negative feedbacks the first few months I become a writer in wattpad. When they say that I have spelling or grammar mistakes, I try to fix it. But when they say that they didn't like the way the story turns out to be and wants me to write the next chapter of what they want to happen, I wouldn't do that. There's always a reason why there's a cliffhanger. There's always a reason why I wrote it. If I write what they want the next chapter to happen, it would spoil the whole story! I write with a lot of twist that makes people want to read it more.

Are there times when you just want to give up?

YEAH! There are times when I don't feel like writing because of writer's block. There were a lot of update delays because of school. School is my first priority so I want my fans to understand that. Because of their support I never gave up. I'm really grateful for my fans because they never gave up on me.

Are you a bad-ass chick or and goody-two shoes?

A little bit of both! I was always late for my lessons and sometimes skip them way before! But, right now, I'm not. I go to my lessons on time. I haven't had a single detention since I was 13! because of late homework. I'm not the rebellious type so you could say that I'm a little bit of both. When I was a kid, I was Ms Goody-two shoes.. always out of trouble and no criminal record whatsoever! Hahahah

What do you think of your own writing?

To be honest? I don't know. I consider myself as a girl who's always in the middle of everything. My test scores' never high not lower. I was born in the middle of the year, June and the almost the middle of the month, 20th. Basically the middle of everything! So, I would say that my writing isn't professional but its not an amateur either!

Do you have any new novels coming up?

Yeaaapp! A lot! Look forward to it!

How do you come up with your story ideas?

I daydream a lot. There's magazines, music, TV and so on. All of my stories are fiction, as I mentioned before!All of the non-existent stories are stuck in my head and I cant wait to take them out!

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

There are threefold.. One - New ideas must be written down so that you dont get writer's block. Two - Don't give up. Lastly, Three - Write only for yourself... not for people! Write whatever makes you happy. Writing exist only for us to vent all of our emotion that's been building inside! But try not to take it too far as it could really make things go wrong~!!

What is the one thing you would do before you die?

Oooh, that's tough. Umm.. Doing things without regrets, I guess. Life is too short, after all.

Could you tell me some funny experiences you have had?

I remember in drama class when I was about 12/13 years old, I ran across the room really fast when everyone was clearing the floor. I slipped and fell as I slid across the floor! Everyone was laughing and so did I! It was embarassing but it made everyone laugh!

Do you plan out your stories or just make the plot up as you go?

I always make up the plot as I go but sometimes I write my ideas down to help me plan out a new chapter.

Did you ever think that you would become such a popular author?

NO! Definitely not! I never thought there would be a lot of people suppoerting me for my stories! I feel so lucky to have them, not only as my fans but as my friends!

Click ->> DayDreamingNinja's wattpad profile

It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey - Stephen Tylline & Leah Valley Interview

Posted on May 31, 2011 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

 Interviewing Stephen Tylline and Leah Valley

Riela Pollie: Welcome baaaaaaackk!!, We have done interviewing all the celebrities and characters! So, our last interview that we sooo have been waiting for isssss...

Stephen Tylline!

FANS: *Cheers, Screams and Applause*

Stephen: *Smiles and waves* Hellooooooooo

Riela P: Whoa, that's a lotta noise! Okay, with our female lead..

Leah Valley!!

FANS: *Screams, cheers and Applause*

Leah: *Raises eyebrow and looks away*

Riela P: As much as Stephen's *Laughs* Okay, there has been a lot of questions asked by our wattpaders for both Leah and Stephen. I get their responses a lot and it seems that some of the question contains a bit of spoilers but our main characters will have to answer them honestly as promised ^_^ But there's this little girl asking for Vanessa Hudgens instead of Kylie Hayden so let's let her ask away first~ ;)

Imagine0139's little sister: Are you a filipino?

Vanessa H.: *Laughs* Yeah, I'm actually Caucasian, Filipino, Chinese, Latin American, Irish, and Spanish. My family has mixed cultural background. My father is of Irish and Native American descent and my mother, a Native of Manila, is of Chinese-Filipino-Spanish descent. Does that answer your question, little one?

Imagine0139's little sister: Yes! Here's another, how does it feel like being an actress?

Vanessa H.: It's fun being both actress and singer! Althought I find my music career a lot of hard work! There were soo much to do and I try to balance my life out so that it won't fall and make a mess!  

*Laughs* Being an actress doesn't mean you want to be known to the whole world. It's more than that.

To everywhere I go, whether filming, singing live or not, I get to meet hundreds of people! I also get to meet the cast members and others. It's feels nice when you work with them everyday! There were tons of fun moments that I soo much love will forever treasure in my heart!

Imagine0139's sister: Ooh, sounds fun. *Stares with admiration*

Vanessa H.: It was and still is! *Giggles*

Riela P.: Okay, Time for the interview for our main characters! First question is...

July2013: Leah, would you really say yes to a guy because of a cookie?

Everyone: *snickers*

Stephen: Ahh, fun moments~

Leah: [*jerks her elbow at Stephen and frowns*] Hey! I really regret it, Alright! I can't believe I actually said 'yes'! No, I wouldn't and THAT will be the last time!

Stephen: [*laughs out loud and hystarically*]

July2013: If you really hate each other, why the nickname? Stephanie and Lea-Lea?

Stephen: [*Raise hand up*] I don't hate her. [*Points finger at Leah *] I have loved her for all this time.

Leah: [*Blushes *] Don't blurt out nonsense as you please! Yeah, we used to call each other that. Like a friendly rivals until THAT day.. When Seth left..

[*Awkward silence*]

Unknown8: Leah, do you love Stephen?

Everyone: [*Intense Silence as they lean in to listen*]

Leah: [*Looks around and feeling uncomfortable by breaking a sweat *] Hmm, Does having his baby say anything?

Fans: Oohhh, yeah..

Unknown8: It explains a lot..

Stephen: ????

Unknown8: Why do you hate him sooo much before?

Leah: I still do now because of his annoying presence.

Why do I hate him? Like I said, He's always on the top of me through everything!! The fact that he never study or held a single book is pissing me off!

So, basically, I hate him for holding half of his strength and everything just to match up with me.

Stephen: [*Surprised*] You knew that? [*Guilty smile*]

Leah: [*Turns to Stephen and smile with sarcasm*] Ten years of friendship and two months of relationship, why.. you think I wouldn't EVER know?

Unkown8: Do yu always have to ask him to challenge you to determine who's the best?

Leah: I would like to challenge him but seeing as I'm pregnant, my whole family and friends refuse to let me fight [*points and Stephen*] Even this guy turned down my proposals in fighting.

Unknown8: Well, they know what's best for you. Why do you want to get on the top so badly?

Stephen: [*Snickering like an idiot secretly*]

Leah: [*rolls eyes*] Why? Now that I think about it, I have no idea why but the only thing I know is how to fight him but I forgot the reason 0.o''

Unknown8: I guess your determination in beating him blinded you that bad.¬¬

Leah: Oi!

Unknown8: No offence. If someone asked you to leave Stephen, would you?

Leah: Unless that someone is asking for death. Unless that person holds that highest authority, he or she will have to shove their money up in their asses. Unless.. The reason is reasonable, I'll make it unreasonable :P

Fans: [*Stares at Leah with admiration*] Whoooaaa...

Stephen: [*Blushes red*]

Unknown8: you seem to love him. How much?

Leah: [*Turns to Annie*] Annie, help me cover his eyes. [*turns to Matt*] Matthew, help me cover his right ear. [*turns to Keith*] Keith, left ear, please.

Stephen: WHAT the?! I don't wanna! I wanna hear it!

Leah: Don't throw tantrums, Stephen. I can still say it whenever I want in Series 2, right?

Do it, guys. Stephen, if you resist, you're welcome to sleep on the couch [*Smiles wickedly as Stephen turned pale blue while shaking his head as in 'No way'*]

[*Annie covers his eyes, Matt covers his right ear and Keith on his left. Three of them pitied Stephen so they let him take a small peek and the others loosening their hands for him to hear*]

Leah: [*Leah's back was facing them so she can't see Stephen secretly listening and peeking through Annie's fingers.*] How much I love him? It's not something I can't describe easily.

Normally, kids would say that they love a person this much [*arms open wide*]. For teenagers, they would say that their love for someone would be bigger than the universe. For me? I would say...

[*Intense atmosphere*]

[*Leah smiles*] << A/N: definitely, she's glowing with love.

More.. and more each day, I guess [*Laughs and slightly blushes*]

[*Stephen struggles himself in attempt to get free but Matt and Keith held him back because they are afraid Leah will find out that Stephen saw it with his own eyes and heard it with his own ears*]

Annie whispering to Stephen: Are you crazy?! If she knew, we are dead!

Keith whispering: Have some self-control!

Matt whispering: Dude, we are doing this for your sake! If you don't hold back a bit longer and Leah finds out, we are soo dead!

Kylie: Er.. guys? I think it's too late for that.

[*All heads turns to Leah with her popping vein*]

Leah: [*Turning dark and scary as she cracked her fingers*] So, you heard and seen it all, eh? My deary friends [*smiles brightly with angry devil behind that smile*] you just dug your graves. [*turns to Stephen*] Tonight, I'll prepare your sleeping arrangement [*winks*]

Stephen: Noooooooo!!!

Leah: Oh, it seems there are still questions left.

Unknown8: Ah, right. Stephen, why do you love Leah so much?

Stephen: I don't know but whenever I see her, I just couldn't help but wag my tail with happiness and jump on her back to hug.

Sometimes I would leave a kiss on her cheek!

Everytime I think about her, I always smile like a fool.

Everytime she speaks, rude or not, it make my heart thump in melody~ I just like to hear her voice. Keeps you calm at all times. Whenever she's on my arms, I feel secure to know that she's right there in my arms. I go crazy whenever I think about it.

Leah: Then, go to mental institution, if you please.

Stephen: *ignores Leah's comment and carries on* I guess I love her as much because she is my whole world. She's my eveything. Without her, I'm nothing. I just couldn't help it! >.<''

Everyone: Whoa..

Riela P.: We get that you love her ¬ ¬ The way you describe your feelings like that, it's almost as if it's impossible to fall out of love --__--'''

Stephen: That's because I love her and always will, obviously!

Leah: [*rolls eyes but is secretly happy*] << A/N: She's soo damn stubborn to admit the same way as Stephen! Although, we all know she loves him as much as he does :)

Unknown8: Which part of her that attracts you?

Stephen: Her bad attitude is what drew me close,

her ignorance is what made me interested,

her stubborness is what got me,

her smile is why my heart beats,

her laugh is what rings my heart and the kiss is what got my heart fully. :)

Unknown8: So, to sum it all up.. everything?

Stephen: If I say everything, it would mean nothing. So, I said it because I mean it.

Unknown: IF you didn't think about the future and you happen to find out Leah's pregnancy, would you ran away?

Stephen: Ha, didn't I tell you all? I have been in love with Leah, like, forever! Why would I run away? The fact that the kid's mine and no one's is true, right? If I really didn't love her enough, I would have run away without hesitation.

A/N: ^Geez, this guy is really in love with her >.<''

Unknown8: True. Do you love her enough to respect her own decisions?

Stephen: Whatever she wants, I'll do it all and support her all the way.

Unknown8: Thought so. IF Leah left, what would you do?

Stephen: I would wait. I'm sure there's a reason for her to leave. If there's no reason, I would still search for her for years until I find her just to ask why she left. If she wants me to leave her alone, if she really and truly means it, I will and move on.

Unknown8: Geez, man, I didn't think you would go that far ¬ ¬'' Kinda extreme.

Emolovingal: Stephen, what were you thinking the first time you had sex with Leah after the volleyball match game? The moment when Leah left?

Stephen: [*Turns to Annie, Matt and Keith and asks them to cover her eyes, ears and hands tight*]

Leah: Hey! I can't see! Kieth, let go of my hands! Annie, you're mean! Don't cover my eyes! Matt, not my ears!! Kylie, stop them!!

Kylie: Sorry, but we, the four of us, owe him. A Lot.

Leah: What the hell do you mean that?! [*Struggles*] Stephen! I'll get back at you for this! This isn't fair! You heard and seen me so why can't I?!

Stephen: [*Smirks*] I did but I never get to hear those three words for more than three times. Or was it twice? Nope, definitely three times.

Okay, What I was thinking in the Gym? Well, after the match, when everyone left, I went to Leah to say that it was a good game as always but, when she wiped her sweats away, I found that form kinda sexy, I guess.

So, I couldn't help but tease her by kissing her cheek. When she got mad, I wasn't really listening to her blabbing because I was distracted by her juicy lips. Right, juicy lips~ My mind just went blank, as if I lost myself.

I couldn't hold it and lost my self-control. After all that, you remember the time when she left, right? At that moment, I thought, I made a HUGE mistake. I was afraid of being hated by her so all night long, my mind was filled with worries like the thought of things that will never be the same.

So, the next day, I try to ignore her and not talk as always because I thought that she must hate me for forcing her like that. What made me happy was that...

She asked me for a challenge! [*Squealing like an idiot *] >.< I love her hella a lot so at that time, I decided on slowing things down, try to be just as myself and act like always. I promise myself to never ever let her go.

[*turns to the guys*] you can let her go now. Thanks for the help, guys.

Leah: 'Thanks' my ass! I know you were badmouthing me! [*Pointing at Stephen rudely*]

Stephen: [*Grins*] Riiight, does saying how much I love you considering as a bad thing? [*Leans in on her face with a wicked smile on his face*] Leah ... [*Leans to her ear and softly whispers*]

Leah: [*Looks away as she blushes deep red and muttered*] I hate you soo much..

Stephen: [*Laughs*] I love you too, Leah.

MissAmanda: Leah, what would you do if you caught Stephen cheating?

Everyone including Leah: [*All heads turned to Stephen with disbelief look*]

Leah: [*Turns back at you*] Naahh, it's impossible. If he really did, he would probably die of shame ¬ . ¬

Everyone: [*nodding and muttering with their agreement*]

Stephen: Guys, that really hurt! >.<

X_TeamSeth_X: What's your baby's gender? If It's a girl/boy, what would you name her/him?

Stephen: We don't know yet. Leah's only two months old and it's a too early to determine the gender.

Leah: We will have to wait until five months old. But, if it's a boy, I would name him Liam.

Liam V. Tylline.

If it's Luke, I'm afraid of my kid being teased by people because of 'Luke Skywalker' from Star Wars --__--'' So, Imma will save him if I name him that. If It's Leo, he will surely be called Leo the Leopard as it is likely that he will have my bad personality ¬ . ¬

Stephen: [*Laughs*] True.

If it's a girl, it would be Scarlett Krizylia V. Tylline.

Leah: [*Looks at Stephen*] you thought of her middle name?

Stephen: I think it sounds good :) Liam is fine without middle name. Liam V. Tylline ^__^

Ladkd98: Leah, why didn't you call the cops? You could have grass on Seth for doing THAT do you!

Leah: [*Suddenly look all serious*] It's all in the past now. [*looks up to you and Smiled darkly*] If you want to know more.. you will find out in Series 2.

Musicrocksmyworld: Leah, why are you so afraid to love Stephen?

Leah: [*rudely points at Stephen while looking at you*] Because I hate the fact the I love him way before I even realized it >:P

Riotsarealwaysbetter: Stephen, why are you being stalked? Are you famous or something? Is someone trying to get revenger on you for something you did?

Stephen: No way, I'm not that famous.

Everyone: [*All heads turns to Stephen with disbelief look. Again*]

Stephen: I'm serious, guys!

Leah: Pfft, like you're not famous(!). To everywhere we go, you're already a celebrity to people's eyes.

Sure, you're not famous in town and is just an ordinary guy.

But does people who would gather around early in the morning and line up in the entrance just to greet you, considering as not being 'famous'?

Because you are perfect in almost every way that everyone admires you. You, my soon-to-be-husband, are famous and ridiculously rich. Who wouldn't like you?

Stephen: You.

Leah: True. The Obsessive stalker's just overly and crazily jealous that I 'stole' Stephen's heart way before her. He's definitely not the type who would do something to drive people off the edge. Except me~ :P

Anitamg: Leah, do you regret hating Stephen in the past and you would love him intead of hating him now?

Leah: Hmm... My love is balanced out with my hate evenly. I still hate him because he holds himself back to make sure we end up in tie while challenging him and I'm still pissed of the fact that he doesn't even study or held a book before. Sure, I love him... probably more than you or I think.

Stephen: You finally admit it!!

Leah: Shut up! We are in Cast Interview, not in It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey Series 2. So, it doesn't count!

Stephen: [*Grins widely*] I don't care, It does count in my heart!~

Leah: [*Rolls eyes*]

Anitamg: Before falling for Stephen, have you ever expected or imagined you would end up with him?

Leah: Hmm.. I have to admit the somewhere in me thought we would because we have been together for almost all our lives. Most part of me were so unsure if we would end up together. As in TOGETHER. Turns out we really did, all because of one stupid cookie >:O

Unknown8: Stephen, what do you want to be when you grow up? Dream job?

Stephen: Um.. I would like to be CEO in an IBM company by the age of 25, I guess. ^_^

Everyone except Leah: [*Gasped with mixture of shock and surprise*]

Unknown8: REALLY?! But that's impossible.

Leah: Didn't I tell you all? This guy isn't human. If he says he can do it, he can. --__--'' That's another part of him why I'm afraid to love him and why I hate him >:/

Stephen: Managing the whole company and everything under my control, helping other people and such. I think it will take a lot of hard work but I want to do it.

If I really did earned too much money, I will sent most of it to the charity because I think we have enough for probably eight lifetimes with earning a single penny. *Laughs nervously * My brain is no ordinary so I want to take an advantage of it.

Leah:Can't argue with that.

Stephen: My brain is like a work of computer. Once read what's on the board, once hearing the teacher talking, once memories are made, [*tapping his side forehead*] it's all saved in my head.

I never forget a single thing and I have always been like this since I was three. Doing computer work is a challenge for my brain so I think it's a suitable job for me. So, I'm going to some local University first before going to Paris. The American University of Paris to study Computer Science and such.

Unknown8: I see, that does make a sense. What about you Leah? Would you like to follow your fashion designer mother or your doctor father?

Leah: My father. Since I know a lot about science, I would like to become a Chief of Medicine just like Dad or a nurse. Which means, I'm going to the same University as Kylie.

Unknown8: Seems like all of you will be going in separate places at once. Aren't you all afraid that you will move on, forget each other and probably fall in love with other people?

Cast: [*Smiles*]

Leah: Why do you think we are best friends from the beginning? It will stay just like that forever.

Fans: [*Rounds of applause and cheers*]

Riela Pollie: Hahah, I guess that's it. This is the last interview for all the cast members! I hope you enjoyed getting to know them! ^_^

They have such big ambitions! How will the future turn out for them? Hmm..

See you in Series 2, 3 and 4!



YES!! you read it right!

Series 1 is High School Series.

Series 2 is The Wedding Series.

Series 3 is The Honeymoon Series.

Series 4 is Love Sacrifes Series.


It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey - Keith Smitt & Kylie Hayden Interview

Posted on May 31, 2011 at 5:47 PM Comments comments (0)

Interviewing Keith Smitt and Kylie Hayden

Riela Pollie: Welcome back, everyone! We interviewed Matthew and Annie this morning or was it night in you time? Ah, let's just say 'earlier'! *Laughs* Okay, now that we have done interviewing them, it's time for Keith Smitt and Kylie Hayden!!

This is the second last part of Cast Interview! 

Ahem, Okay.. So, first question is... This guy sure ask a lot xD

Unknown8: I'm the curious type so I can't help it *Laughs* Okay, Kylie, ever thought about the future?

Kylie: Um.. Yeah, I thought of becoming a forensic scientist so I'll be studying in Science University nearest to my house temporary and thought about going to China for Hong Kong University of Science. I hear it's one of the best in the world and would like to try it *Gently smiles*

Unknown8: Wow, that's one big ambition you have there! Next is, The dream you and Keith had in the last chapter of Series 1, what can you do in order to make it come true?

Kylie: *Smiles* Thinking about it, it feels like I already achieved half of it *Chuckles* Well, Keith and I decided to do our best to make it happen. Just give it our all.

Keith: *Holds Kylie's hand. Looks at her and smiles* Even if it means giving up everything.

RockinNewYorkCity: Ever think about getting pregnant?

Kylie: ....

Keith: A little too early for us *Laughs nervously*

Unknown8: Oohh, I see. Okay, umm.. How would you name your child if it's a girl and a boy?

Kylie: If it's a boy, it will be Kevin. We will be like triple K family *Laughs*

Unknown8: *Laughs* it would definitely be a nice nickname if you name him that starts with K xD What about you, Kieth? For a girl?

Keith: Um.. I would name her Kristina, I guess. It sounds good to me.

Unknown: Ever thought about marriage?

Keith: Well, it's a little early for us so we decided to wait until we are old enough.

Unknown8: Like Matt and Annie? I see, then.. Have you two ever crossed a problem before? If you had one, what would it be?

Kylie: There WERE problems before but we managed to solve it before it grows bigger.Keith's family is rich and didn't accept me. I left a really bad impression but one of them found out about my background and everything, suddenly they were acting nice which was weird and funny at the same time. *Giggles at the memory*

Keith: *beginning to worry* I'm really sorry about that, my family are just weird like that so the next time you visit my house, ignore them, okay?

Kylie: *smiles* I don't mind really and your little sister's cute! I want to meet her again next time!

Keith: *Smiles back* All right.

Leah: *Sly smile* Oooh, next time you visit his house? Kylie, you're so bold these days! *Laughs*

Keith and Kylie: *confused at first but then realizes as they blush red! *

Annie: *Laughs* I'm loving this scenerio xD

Kylie, the next time you tell a story about you and Keith, leave out the 'Dot Dot Dot'!! The suspense were killing me!! >.<

Riela Pollie: Hahah, All right. Next question?

Unknown8: Lol. Keith, Do you love Kylie so much you're willing to do anything to make her happy?

Kieth: Of course (<< A/N:No hesitation whatsoever xD)

Unknown8: Then, If Kylie falls in love with another man, would you let her go to pursue her own happiness?

Kieth: Yes. If that's what she wants, then yeah, I'll let her go to pursue her happiness and find my own. But If she doesn't love that man nor is she pretending to love that man, I still stand a chance even if it's small, I'm holding onto it until I make her fall in love with me again.

Kylie: If that ever happens to Keith, I wouldn't let him get away from my arms. *points at her face* This honest face says it all. *Laughs*

Fans: Aww...

Unknown8: Hahahah, I see. Then, Keith, would you leave her alone if she ask you to? As in 'not to bother' her.

Keith: Normally, I would. But if there was something wrong, I would keep asking until she tells me what's wrong. If she refuse to say it, then I'll wait until she say it.

Kylie: ¬ ¬ '' I like your presistent self, Kieth but that's going a little too far. But I can't blame you since I would do the same, anyway. :D

Unknown8: Keith, your future will be?

Keith: Um.. I thought about becoming a Lawyer so, I would like to study in Harvard University. Kylie and I may be in different places next year but we could always find a way to get in touch and see each other during weekends and holidays. Maybe on special occasions?

Unknown8: I read it somewhere that you're smarter so you can pull it off without any problems, I guess. Though, Stephen is still smarter and I still don't know how he got on the top ¬ ¬'' .

Stephen: *Laughs* It's the power of love *Grins as he threw his arms around grumpy Leah*

Leah: Power of love? *Scoffs* Guys, this guy *points at him* isn't human. Not once in my whole life have I ever seen him study before. While studying my ass off just to beat him, knowing that fact is pissing me off every single day.

Stephen: I want to be on the top of you so that you think only me and no other *winks*

Leah: Top of me? Ha, wait and see, Mr. Tylline! When I marry you, I'll have your last name and soon will be on the top of you for everything!

Stephen: That's true... *stares in daze*

Everyone: *imagination running wild as they blushed deeper than red *

Riela Pollie: *Laughs nervously* I guess we should continue this until the last part ^_^''.





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It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey - Matthew Latner & Annie Crystal Interview

Posted on May 31, 2011 at 5:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Interviewing Matthew Lanter and Annie Crystal

Riela P.: Welcome back, everyone! Now that we have done interviewing the celebrities who plays the role of the story characters by me, now's your turn to interview them! Not as celebrities but as characters! Keep asking questions that you are so curious about! So, our first interview is with Matt Lanter and Annie Crystal!!~

Matt and Annie: *Smiles and waves*

Fans: *Rounds of applause and cheers*

Riela P.: Okay.. Okay. So, I have receive so many messages from you all and please don't stop sending until the final part of Cast Interview. The first question for Matt or Annie is..

MissChievousKay: Matt, Do you love Annie?

Matthew: Of course!

MissChievousKay: What about you, Annie?

Annie: *Smiles* Very much so.

Fans: Awww...

MissChievousKay: Are you two willing to do anything to make your dream/future happen?

Matthew and Annie: *Holds hands and smiles * Whatever it takes.

Fans: Double Aaawww....

MissChievousMe: What if something/someone that stops you from making that dream come true?

Annie: I'll kick his/her ass all the way to Mars! *winks*

Fans: YEAH!! That's right! *Cheers*

Matthew: If it's something, I'm break it into pieces and burn it into ashes!

Fans: .... What are you? A vampire or a werewolf?

Matthew: I mean what I said, people!!

Riela P.: *Laughs* I'm loving it!~ Anymore questions?

RockinNewYorkCity: Yes!! Um.. Annie, will you get pregnant like Leah?

Annie: *Blushes* I have thought about it.

Matthew:  *Blushes even redder* Me too.

Annie: We talked about it for a while and we agreed on taking things slow ^_^

Matthew: *Nods*

Riela P.: Meaning.. You guys are going to have a baby when you're old enough? Well, it's true that you both are still young. Leah's pregnancy wasn't planned.

Annie and Matthew: *Nods again*

Unknown8: Matt, have you always been such a 'wild animal? Or were you just a cutie puppy before you met Annie?

Matthew: I WAS NOT! Nor was I ever!!

Stephen, Leah, Keith, Kylie and Annie: *Stares at Matt with disbelief*

Matthew: OH C'MON!! I'm only like that with Annie!

Unknown8: So you admit it then?

Matthew: NO!

Everyone: *Laughs Out Loud*

Matthew: Very funny (!) Get on with interview, dude..

Unknown8: Very well. Did it ever occurred to you that Annie and you would end up together?

Matthew: Well, it's true we weren't at such great terms at first so no, I never thought we would end up being together.

Annie: Is that a bad thing?

Matthew: Is falling in love with someone special considered as a bad thing?

Annie: *Blushes and playfully hits Matt*

Unknowm8: Do you think your dreams of what Annie just saw in the future in the Finale chapter, will come true?

Matthew: It's the efforts that count. Yeah, like she said, whatever it takes.

Annie: *Smiles* We will give it our all.

Unknown8: Will you always stay loyal to Annie?

Matthew: Forever and ever..

Fans: Awww...

Unknown8: Annie, Did you want to become a fashion designer similarly like your parents in the future?

Annie: Yes, I'm thinking of going to Arts and Design University next year. I thought of become a fashion designer.

Unknown8: Cool. What about you, Matt? A Host? Ladies' Man? Bachelor?

Matthew: I told you that's not it! I want to be a car engineer! I love cars and would love to work and fixing stuff in cars. Maybe make one as my own? So, I'll be taking up course next next year too :)

Unknown8: Awesome! So you two will be in different places?

Annie: That doesn't stop us from seeing each other *Laughs*

Matthew: She said it *Points at Annie and smiles*

Unknown8: Good to know that. Annie, do you think you and Matt will last?

Annie: I dunno, but we will have to wait and see *winks*

Matthew: *Shocks*

Unknown8: *Laughs* Well, the future is unclear to all of us. Do you think Matt will ever cheat on you?

Matthew: How many times to I have to say, I'm. NOT. Like. THAT!

Annie: I doubt it. I know he wouldn't dare *Turns to Matt with intent killer glare*

Matthew: *Turns pale blue* Scary. Another reason why I shouldn't do anything stupid.

Annie: *Goes back to normal and smiles innocently* Anything else?

Unknown8: *Looks around and noticed everyone still pale blue after seeing another dark side of Annie's* Uh.. um.. All right, This will be my last question; If one of you falls in love with another person, would you let them go for the sake of their happiness?

Matthew: I can't selfishly keep Annie with me if she doesn't return my feelings. So, I'll just have to let her go ^_^''

Annie: I would do the same but if there's a tiny bit of his feelings for me, I'll waver it and make him fall in love with me. Not with force. I'll just let the nature take its course. *Smiles*

Unknown8: *Turns to Riela Pollie* I guess that's it. Thank you for answering my questions!

Matthew and Annie: You're welcome!

Riela Pollie: Okay, interviewing Matt and Annie by wattpaders has been fun! I guess that answers to everything. At least that's what I think! *Laughs*

The next interview by you all will be with Keith and Kylie!



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