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It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey - Matthew Latner & Annie Crystal Interview

Posted on May 31, 2011 at 5:10 PM

Interviewing Matthew Lanter and Annie Crystal

Riela P.: Welcome back, everyone! Now that we have done interviewing the celebrities who plays the role of the story characters by me, now's your turn to interview them! Not as celebrities but as characters! Keep asking questions that you are so curious about! So, our first interview is with Matt Lanter and Annie Crystal!!~

Matt and Annie: *Smiles and waves*

Fans: *Rounds of applause and cheers*

Riela P.: Okay.. Okay. So, I have receive so many messages from you all and please don't stop sending until the final part of Cast Interview. The first question for Matt or Annie is..

MissChievousKay: Matt, Do you love Annie?

Matthew: Of course!

MissChievousKay: What about you, Annie?

Annie: *Smiles* Very much so.

Fans: Awww...

MissChievousKay: Are you two willing to do anything to make your dream/future happen?

Matthew and Annie: *Holds hands and smiles * Whatever it takes.

Fans: Double Aaawww....

MissChievousMe: What if something/someone that stops you from making that dream come true?

Annie: I'll kick his/her ass all the way to Mars! *winks*

Fans: YEAH!! That's right! *Cheers*

Matthew: If it's something, I'm break it into pieces and burn it into ashes!

Fans: .... What are you? A vampire or a werewolf?

Matthew: I mean what I said, people!!

Riela P.: *Laughs* I'm loving it!~ Anymore questions?

RockinNewYorkCity: Yes!! Um.. Annie, will you get pregnant like Leah?

Annie: *Blushes* I have thought about it.

Matthew:  *Blushes even redder* Me too.

Annie: We talked about it for a while and we agreed on taking things slow ^_^

Matthew: *Nods*

Riela P.: Meaning.. You guys are going to have a baby when you're old enough? Well, it's true that you both are still young. Leah's pregnancy wasn't planned.

Annie and Matthew: *Nods again*

Unknown8: Matt, have you always been such a 'wild animal? Or were you just a cutie puppy before you met Annie?

Matthew: I WAS NOT! Nor was I ever!!

Stephen, Leah, Keith, Kylie and Annie: *Stares at Matt with disbelief*

Matthew: OH C'MON!! I'm only like that with Annie!

Unknown8: So you admit it then?

Matthew: NO!

Everyone: *Laughs Out Loud*

Matthew: Very funny (!) Get on with interview, dude..

Unknown8: Very well. Did it ever occurred to you that Annie and you would end up together?

Matthew: Well, it's true we weren't at such great terms at first so no, I never thought we would end up being together.

Annie: Is that a bad thing?

Matthew: Is falling in love with someone special considered as a bad thing?

Annie: *Blushes and playfully hits Matt*

Unknowm8: Do you think your dreams of what Annie just saw in the future in the Finale chapter, will come true?

Matthew: It's the efforts that count. Yeah, like she said, whatever it takes.

Annie: *Smiles* We will give it our all.

Unknown8: Will you always stay loyal to Annie?

Matthew: Forever and ever..

Fans: Awww...

Unknown8: Annie, Did you want to become a fashion designer similarly like your parents in the future?

Annie: Yes, I'm thinking of going to Arts and Design University next year. I thought of become a fashion designer.

Unknown8: Cool. What about you, Matt? A Host? Ladies' Man? Bachelor?

Matthew: I told you that's not it! I want to be a car engineer! I love cars and would love to work and fixing stuff in cars. Maybe make one as my own? So, I'll be taking up course next next year too :)

Unknown8: Awesome! So you two will be in different places?

Annie: That doesn't stop us from seeing each other *Laughs*

Matthew: She said it *Points at Annie and smiles*

Unknown8: Good to know that. Annie, do you think you and Matt will last?

Annie: I dunno, but we will have to wait and see *winks*

Matthew: *Shocks*

Unknown8: *Laughs* Well, the future is unclear to all of us. Do you think Matt will ever cheat on you?

Matthew: How many times to I have to say, I'm. NOT. Like. THAT!

Annie: I doubt it. I know he wouldn't dare *Turns to Matt with intent killer glare*

Matthew: *Turns pale blue* Scary. Another reason why I shouldn't do anything stupid.

Annie: *Goes back to normal and smiles innocently* Anything else?

Unknown8: *Looks around and noticed everyone still pale blue after seeing another dark side of Annie's* Uh.. um.. All right, This will be my last question; If one of you falls in love with another person, would you let them go for the sake of their happiness?

Matthew: I can't selfishly keep Annie with me if she doesn't return my feelings. So, I'll just have to let her go ^_^''

Annie: I would do the same but if there's a tiny bit of his feelings for me, I'll waver it and make him fall in love with me. Not with force. I'll just let the nature take its course. *Smiles*

Unknown8: *Turns to Riela Pollie* I guess that's it. Thank you for answering my questions!

Matthew and Annie: You're welcome!

Riela Pollie: Okay, interviewing Matt and Annie by wattpaders has been fun! I guess that answers to everything. At least that's what I think! *Laughs*

The next interview by you all will be with Keith and Kylie!


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