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It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey - Keith Smitt & Kylie Hayden Interview

Posted on May 31, 2011 at 5:47 PM

Interviewing Keith Smitt and Kylie Hayden

Riela Pollie: Welcome back, everyone! We interviewed Matthew and Annie this morning or was it night in you time? Ah, let's just say 'earlier'! *Laughs* Okay, now that we have done interviewing them, it's time for Keith Smitt and Kylie Hayden!!

This is the second last part of Cast Interview! 

Ahem, Okay.. So, first question is... This guy sure ask a lot xD

Unknown8: I'm the curious type so I can't help it *Laughs* Okay, Kylie, ever thought about the future?

Kylie: Um.. Yeah, I thought of becoming a forensic scientist so I'll be studying in Science University nearest to my house temporary and thought about going to China for Hong Kong University of Science. I hear it's one of the best in the world and would like to try it *Gently smiles*

Unknown8: Wow, that's one big ambition you have there! Next is, The dream you and Keith had in the last chapter of Series 1, what can you do in order to make it come true?

Kylie: *Smiles* Thinking about it, it feels like I already achieved half of it *Chuckles* Well, Keith and I decided to do our best to make it happen. Just give it our all.

Keith: *Holds Kylie's hand. Looks at her and smiles* Even if it means giving up everything.

RockinNewYorkCity: Ever think about getting pregnant?

Kylie: ....

Keith: A little too early for us *Laughs nervously*

Unknown8: Oohh, I see. Okay, umm.. How would you name your child if it's a girl and a boy?

Kylie: If it's a boy, it will be Kevin. We will be like triple K family *Laughs*

Unknown8: *Laughs* it would definitely be a nice nickname if you name him that starts with K xD What about you, Kieth? For a girl?

Keith: Um.. I would name her Kristina, I guess. It sounds good to me.

Unknown: Ever thought about marriage?

Keith: Well, it's a little early for us so we decided to wait until we are old enough.

Unknown8: Like Matt and Annie? I see, then.. Have you two ever crossed a problem before? If you had one, what would it be?

Kylie: There WERE problems before but we managed to solve it before it grows bigger.Keith's family is rich and didn't accept me. I left a really bad impression but one of them found out about my background and everything, suddenly they were acting nice which was weird and funny at the same time. *Giggles at the memory*

Keith: *beginning to worry* I'm really sorry about that, my family are just weird like that so the next time you visit my house, ignore them, okay?

Kylie: *smiles* I don't mind really and your little sister's cute! I want to meet her again next time!

Keith: *Smiles back* All right.

Leah: *Sly smile* Oooh, next time you visit his house? Kylie, you're so bold these days! *Laughs*

Keith and Kylie: *confused at first but then realizes as they blush red! *

Annie: *Laughs* I'm loving this scenerio xD

Kylie, the next time you tell a story about you and Keith, leave out the 'Dot Dot Dot'!! The suspense were killing me!! >.<

Riela Pollie: Hahah, All right. Next question?

Unknown8: Lol. Keith, Do you love Kylie so much you're willing to do anything to make her happy?

Kieth: Of course (<< A/N:No hesitation whatsoever xD)

Unknown8: Then, If Kylie falls in love with another man, would you let her go to pursue her own happiness?

Kieth: Yes. If that's what she wants, then yeah, I'll let her go to pursue her happiness and find my own. But If she doesn't love that man nor is she pretending to love that man, I still stand a chance even if it's small, I'm holding onto it until I make her fall in love with me again.

Kylie: If that ever happens to Keith, I wouldn't let him get away from my arms. *points at her face* This honest face says it all. *Laughs*

Fans: Aww...

Unknown8: Hahahah, I see. Then, Keith, would you leave her alone if she ask you to? As in 'not to bother' her.

Keith: Normally, I would. But if there was something wrong, I would keep asking until she tells me what's wrong. If she refuse to say it, then I'll wait until she say it.

Kylie: ¬ ¬ '' I like your presistent self, Kieth but that's going a little too far. But I can't blame you since I would do the same, anyway. :D

Unknown8: Keith, your future will be?

Keith: Um.. I thought about becoming a Lawyer so, I would like to study in Harvard University. Kylie and I may be in different places next year but we could always find a way to get in touch and see each other during weekends and holidays. Maybe on special occasions?

Unknown8: I read it somewhere that you're smarter so you can pull it off without any problems, I guess. Though, Stephen is still smarter and I still don't know how he got on the top ¬ ¬'' .

Stephen: *Laughs* It's the power of love *Grins as he threw his arms around grumpy Leah*

Leah: Power of love? *Scoffs* Guys, this guy *points at him* isn't human. Not once in my whole life have I ever seen him study before. While studying my ass off just to beat him, knowing that fact is pissing me off every single day.

Stephen: I want to be on the top of you so that you think only me and no other *winks*

Leah: Top of me? Ha, wait and see, Mr. Tylline! When I marry you, I'll have your last name and soon will be on the top of you for everything!

Stephen: That's true... *stares in daze*

Everyone: *imagination running wild as they blushed deeper than red *

Riela Pollie: *Laughs nervously* I guess we should continue this until the last part ^_^''.





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