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I'm not tall or short,

I'm not pretty or ugly,

I'm not smart or stupid,

I'm not girly or boyish,

I'm not too quiet or talkative,

I'm not a baby or an old woman,

I'm not american or african,

my hair is not too long or too short,

my hair is neither blonde or black,

I'm not fat or skinny,

I'm not Ms-Good-Two-Shoes neither am I a Badass Chick,

I'm mostly independent and less dependent,

I'm neither honest or a liar,

I'm not a sport maniac or a attention seeker,

and lastly, I'm not straightforward or keeping things myself.


If I'm unfriendly, unfair, mean, harsh towards you, REMEMBER this, there is a reason why.

If I'm friendly, fair, nice, caring towards you, remember this because you know the reason why.


My wattpad life story 

I'm a writer and I first discovered wattpad in 19th November 2009 because I was looking for a continuation book that I was reading . I found out there weren't a second volume of the book (I have forgotten the title of the book! But it was a really good book!) That's when I found wattpad :')

Then I found even better stories and I was REALLY addicted to it. Must be because its teenage-related stories xD That's when I fell in love with wattpad. Not only because of the stories that I become addicted, but because of the writers on wattpad that I become a writer myself!

It was about two months of reading and then, I thought, "Wow, these writers are so great!". The reason why they are so great is because the books of their storyline can level themselves down for teenagers to fully understand the situation of the story.

That's why teenagers prefer to read something interesting that SHOULD be happening to them, dreaming and wishing that these happens to them. Well, almost every wattpader in wattpad are teenagers! LoL, it's no wonder writer teenagers can connect to other viewer teenagers through the story.

I had my first story posted a long time ago but it wasn't going well. If you want to know what story, you can read it in here, 'My Experience on Wattpad'

It does say a lot! :D


Thanks for wasting your time getting to know me! TEE HEE xD




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