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 This is where you leave a message about anything. Like asking what you're curious about in the story or is there anything you'd like to know. It's kind of like sending a letter to someone and someone replying you back. This comment box will allow you to create a message, longer than a normal comment.  But you will not get notified  but I will DROP by your wattpad page to reply you back. That's a promise.


Things you will write:

1) You could just simply leave an encouragment letter. Letting me know you will be here, supporting me behind-the-scenes. 

2) You could leave a FAN letter here. Write like a fan writes. I love fan messages!!

3) Of course, criticisms are welcome!

4) 'Read My Story' Requests - you have to include the Story Title and the description. Including, Genre and Link.

5) Random messages are welcome!


Any genres are fine but I can't promise you to do all the commenting, voting and all but I will read it.


There's a big difference between Contact Me and Leave A Letter. Contact me are for private messages and the Leave A Letter are for messages that can be viewed by people.


Here's your chance to tell me what's in your mind.




 Read My Story Requests

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