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The Characters Of The Story


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Main Couple:.


Malese Jow as Leah Valley:

Age: 16 and will be 17.

D.O.B: 19th July 1993

Star Sign: Cancer

Hobby: Defeating Stephen Tylline with everything.

Dream: To follow her dad's footsteps into becoming a doctor.

Personality: Moody, cautious and careful. Tough shell to crack and don't trust people easily. Over-protective of her love ones. Would do anything for her love ones. Ambitious and hard working. Intelligent and mature. Second top of everything.




Other Couples:

Shenae Grimes as Annie Crystal

Age: 17

D.O.B: 13rd June 1993

Star Sign: Gemini

Hobby: Applying make up on other people.

Dream: To follow her mum's footsteps into becoming a make-up stylist.

Personality: Bored easily. Fidgety. Exciting. Crazy. Insane. Moody. Hyper. Bi-polar. Crave fun. Curious
Talkative. Eloquent. Clever. Can be mainpulative if she want something bad enough. Flirty.

 Vanessa Hudgens as Kylie Hayden

 Age: 17

D.O.B: 12th March 1993

Star Sign: Pisces.

Hobby: Likes to discover something new and experimenting.

Dream: Forensic Scientist.

Personality: Bashful, mystical, creative, inventive, mindful and helpful of others, a developed sense of compassion and understanding of others, romantic, gentle and kind.

Self deprecating and blaming, depressive, too wrapped up in the problems of others, loss of touch with reality, self pitying and too dependent. 



Mitch Hewer as Stephen Tylline -Dyed brunette self

Age: 16 and will be 17/

D.O.B: 20th August 1993

Star Sign: Leo

Hobby: Teasing Leah Valley.

Dream: wants to give his brain of high IQ of 189 challenges. Build a marketing company and be the director.

Personality: Conceited, smart,lively, romantic.
Loyal, Driven, stubborn, perfectionist, courageous, brave, speak our minds. Piss him off and the fire can go hot very quickly! Successful and top of everything.

 Natural blonde self

Matt Lanter as Matthew Lanter

Age: 17

D.O.B: 8th February 1993

Star Sign: Aquarius

Hobby: Mechanic stuff. Likes to fix stuff.

Dream: To become a mechanic engineer.

Personality: Friendly and humanitarian, Honest and loyal. Original and inventive, Independent and intellectual. But can be Intractable and contrary, Perverse and unpredictable. Unemotional and detached.

 Zac Efron as Keith Smitt - Imagine him wearing smart-glasses :)

Age: 17

D.O.B: 14th October 1993

Star Sign: Libra

Hobby: Likes to lean about laws.

Dream: Lawyer/.

Personality: Artistic, romantic and loving, a champion of good causes, intellectual, a good friend, strongly held beliefs, charming, sincere, a sense of fairness, excellent arbitrator and communicative.
Moody or sulky, flirtatious, egotistical, vain, manipulative, overbearing and indecisive.

My POV about love - It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey Series 1

 If you have come here to read something about this story then it must you must be curious about what the story is about and why all my books are full of 'love' stuff.


To be honest, I don't know myself. I have watched movies, shows, TVs, listened to music and even read stories about love.  I don't know why but somehow the word 'love' can bring you a lot of surprises. Sad. Happy. Joy. Anger. There are many different kinds of love. Unrequited love/one-sided love. Sympathy love. Illusion love and so on.


 I have also seen many people get their heart broken in real life and also on TV.

 I have to admit. I'm sixteen and I write love stories. I still loath to fall in love even now.


Sure, I have been in love.

Yeah, I know what it feels.


But never really had a boyfriend. I had one but it doesn't really count as a 'relationship'. Like I mentioned above, I have seen everything. It was as if I'm an audience to watch a couple in love and seeing the ending. Both happily and sadly ever after. Because of what's happening in my surroundings, I began to 'observe' everything. My parents being old and still in love. My uncle and aunty being in love too. As well as my friends with their girlfriend/boyfriend.


I learned a lot. Probably too much!


But not every relationships are happy ones. Some find it hard to trust one another. Being selfish. Being possesive. Being secretive. Being obsessive. Being violent. You name it, it can easily destroy a relatioship like a rock on paper.


This story represents on all sorts of things. The hidden past. The Secrets. The Jealousy Ex. The Pregnancy Shock. Having parents being a-ok with it is really a surprising thing. [I didn't know what I was thinking!] No normal parents would be happy about it! I mean, who would, in their right mind, leave their teenager kids, having hormones about to take over, in their house?!



Well, I will never know if they really did planned this.


They probably thought that with their bad terms [mostly caused by Leah] having both of them in the same house would improve their relationship. What they don't know was the incident with Seth in the past. No, I'm not planning to have Leah reveal it because it's all in the past and the chances of having to tell the truth will break their relationships with Wilson family. Which means, there will probably be no future Series. 


Who knows? Maybe there will never be one or a Sequel for their kids!


The whole pregnancy menjuvah of all troubles is really adding more twist and surprise turn of events seeing a dangerous stalker hiding somewhere and will probably do something that will harm our main couple.




I know, but don't blame me if Ms. Stalker does terrible thing because she has a mind of her own and I control nothing of her!


Joke, I can kill her and have her ran over by a bus and a car as an accident.


Again, joking.


Naahh, it wouldn't be that fun!


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