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Members Area - A guide around the site

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A Guide around the site:

If you see the homepage and scroll down, you will see the reasons why you should become a member of the site.


Hover your mouse on 'My Stories' and choose whichever before clicking it. You will firstly see the characters of the story and some information about them. I hope you like it ^_^ And if you click the 'My Stories' you will see the description of them. It's A Link page that takes you to wattpad site.


Gallery - If you have any photos in mind whether if it's random, you can post it as a member but do remember to add your wattpad name 'Uploaded By: [name]' in the description box to let me know who uploaded it.


Blog - On your right side, you will be able to see the list of categories that relates to the story or wattpad, click which interests you and choose which entries you want to read in full summary :) I have yet uploaded as many blog entries but wait a year and see >:]


Members Area - There's a list of members that JOINED the site, Forum, Calendar and Videos.

- Members - You will be able to see the people who joined the site and someone you know might be there. Add them as a friends and be more than just acquaintance :)

- Forum - This is where you post all sorts of topics that you want to discuss. Just about anything. Books. Music. Random stuff. Anything. The descriptions will help you :D

- Calendar - This is where all sorts of events are held. When you become a member, you will be able to participate the events for fun. That includes contests.

- Videos - This is the Video Gallery where all music videos of your favourites are posted. There's also Random Videos that you can post as your own. Just about anything. As long as you're a member.


IAL/HT,H [It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey] Sequel has an empty page with a few writings so you will have to wait a bit longer until it's filled which will be a year from now >:]


Then, Lastly, the Contact Me page. Well, you know what to do with that ^_^


For non-members, you can only vote [I think] and leave a comment on the site. O.O


As I have mentioned in my wattpad message, I have decided to write the sequel of It's A Love/Hate Thing, Honey AFTER Series 4.

Anywaysss~ The sequel is coming soon!


YAYYY!!  \(^0^)/


I know...

Which means the next generation AFTER Leah and Stephen >:]


I want you guys to vote, comment and like each chapter in that site. It doesn't have to be now though.. You will have to wait until the Love Sacrifice Series 4 is done and finished.

^Noticed that the title of Series 4 has changed.. Who knows.. Maybe it will change again XD

The new updates of the chapters will be post a week earlier than in wattpad. So, if you want to become a member of that site and get new updates earlier. Click the External Link on your right and register >>>

Only members can view the new updates of the sequel because it will be put in Private Mode >.<

Now you know the difference between non-member and member >:] Decide which side you're on.








Yeaahhh >:]


Please keep this in mind :)



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